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Breath test for lung cancer (LungscreenTM) | Menssana Products

Breath Test for Early Detection of Lung Cancer This study is no longer recruiting participants

Every year in the U.S.A., 99,000 men and 78,000 women develop lung cancer. Only 14% of them are still alive five years later. But if the lung cancer is localized at the time of diagnosis, and treated promptly, the five-year survival rate is increased more than threefold. Consequently, an early screening test at point of care has the potential to reduce the death rate from lung cancer.

Studies at Menssana Research, Inc. have shown that breath contains biomarkers of lung cancer that accurately identiify sufferers from the disease. The National Institutes of Health has funded development of this breath test, and approval is nearly completed.

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Point of care breath test for lung cancer in development