(PDF document) Volatile Biomarkers of Influenza Infection in the Breath. 
Col Patrick J. Danaher, MD, USAF, MC (ret)1 , Michael Phillips, MD2, Peter Schmitt, PhD3 , Stephanie A. Richard, PhD, MHS4,5 , Eugene V. Millar, PhD4,5, Col Brian K. White, DO, USAF, MC6, Col Jason F. Okulicz, MD, USAF, MC6, Christian L. Coles, PhD4,5 , CAPT Timothy H Burgess, MD, MPH, MC, USN4

(PDF Document) – preprint) Rapid point-of-care breath test predicts breast cancer and abnormal mammograms in symptomatic women. Michael Phillips, Therese B Bevers, Linda Hovanessian Larsen, Nadine Pappas, Sonali Pathak
medRxiv (20 Apr. 2020)